Galactic Plane

For the past several months, we’ve been hard at work on a new project, hoping to bring something truly new and awesome to the world of gaming. Well, the time has finally arrived to talk about it a bit. The title of our next game will be Galactic Plane.

It’s something that totally ought to have been done before, but really hasn’t: a high fantasy space opera story-driven RPG about an interstellar empire of dragon riders!

I know, right?!?

Plenty of fantasy stories have featured the idea of dragons crossing the stars, but only as in-universe lore or backstory. Galactic Plane will place the concept front and center. Your character is the last survivor of the royal family of the fallen interstellar empire, trying to deal with the aftermath of the magical disaster that caused the empire to collapse. Accompanied by your dragon companion, a mighty, intelligent creature with the power to teleport between star systems, and by whichever allies you manage to recruit along the way, you will visit multiple unique and magical worlds, attempt to restore some degree of harmony and order to the galaxy, and uncover dangerous secrets that span worlds and entire pantheons of gods.

Such an ambitious project will take time and money to develop. We’re currently looking into crowdfunding, and hope to have a campaign set up soon. Keep watching here for updates!